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  Test your PC Online
There are a number of web sites that will test your PC for Viruses, Spyware, PC Health, Internet Speed, Browser Info and so on.  This page has links to reputable sites that perform these functions.

  Windows XP Unattended Install with Office XP
Need to implement an unattended install of Windows XP with Office XP?
This unattended installation guide might be of some help.



Updating an Office Administrative Share
Update your Office Administrative Installation Point and client PCs
with the latest Office updates. 




Windows 2000 Server Operations Roles
Some domain controllers in a Windows 2000 domain are more equal than all the rest. Find out about the Flexible Single Master Operations Roles.




Windows 2000 Groups
New groups in Windows 2000 can make things a little confusing if you are used to Windows NT groups.  This should help sort things out.


  Microsoft How Tos   Internet Site
Wish you had step by step guides for certain tasks in Microsoft products? Check out this MS web site for all kinds of Microsoft how tos.

Windows 2000 Service Pack 3
Microsoft finally released SP3 for Windows 2000.  Should you install it? Get SP3 and find out all the info about this new service pack.

  Group Policy Tips and Info
Tips and general information about Windows 2000 Group Policies.

  Camera/Shy and Steganography
Camera/Shy, a steganography tool from Hacktivisimo, allows you to hide messages in pictures. Find out more about this somewhat controversial open source program.

  Home PC Security and Privacy
If you have an Internet connection, your PC needs to be secured. Without proper security your PC is open to the world. It's like having a neon sign above your house saying "Compromise Me"...

  The National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace   Internet Site
The President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board in February 2003 released its Final Report on "The National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace".  The Department of Homeland Security will now be responsible for defending our cyberspace.  Read the report, be informed.

Download or read the Executive Summary here.  It is a 62K Adobe Acrobat PDF file.