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Hfnetchk.exe works with Windows NT/2000/XP only.

 Hfnetauto.exe    click to download hfnetauto.exe (764KB)

Hfnetchk.exe - Is a utility from Microsoft that checks Windows NT, 2000, and XP Computers
(workstations and servers) for missing security fixes.  It is a command line utility that is run
from a command prompt.  For a full description of Hfnetchk see the MS links below.

 A company called Shavlik Technologies is the company that first created Hfnetchk.exe.
They were working in partnership with MS to develop Hfnetchk, but MS has dropped development of Hfnetchk in favor of MBSA.  For the latest version of Hfnetchk.exe, go to the Shavlik site listed in the links below.  The download above has the most current version of Shavlik's Hfnetchk.exe, 3.86.

The file here, Hfnetauto.exe, is a self extracting zip file that contains Hfnetchk.exe and a couple of
batch files that make the running of Hfnetchk easier.  One of the capabilities of Hfnetchk is to check
multiple computers at the same time.  With the right batch file you could just run one file, check
a whole series of computers for security fixes and then read the results.  That's what this file
does for you.

It works with two simple batch files.  One file, hotfix.cmd, kicks off Hfnetchk.exe by calling
htchk.cmd.  Htchk.cmd starts Hfnetchk which checks the list of computers in the machines.txt
file.  Once Hfnetchk is finished, the results are displayed in Notepad from the log file that was

The default path for the zip install is c:\.  It creates a Hfnetchk directory with two subdirectories.
You can install it wherever you want, but if you do install it in a directory different from c:\,
you will need to change the drive and paths in the two .cmd files to reflect the location.  The
readme.txt file explains it.  The batch files can be found in the Hfauto subdirectory.  The Docs
folder has several documents (web pages) from MS and others about Hfnetchk.exe.  It is useful
information, but you can delete the Docs folder if you don't need it.


Download the latest version of Hfnetchk.exe from Shavlik Technologies:

Description of Hfnetchk:

MS Hfnetchk FAQ:;EN-US;305385

Hfnetchk.exe from Microsoft.  Note: You can no longer get Hfnetchk from Microsoft.
The link below that used to be for Hfnetchk has been replaced with the MBSA 1.1 download.;EN-US;q303215