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  Windows Vista is Microsoft's new desktop operating system. There are many changes and improvements from their previous desktop operating system, Windows XP.  Below are some informational links for Windows Vista.

For IT professionals, Windows Vista will offer many improvements in deployment and management, but will also require new hardware to fully utilize all of it's features. 

Both business uses and home users will have multiple versions of Windows Vista to choose from.  See the links below to decide which version is right for you.

Below are links to Windows Vista Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Windows Vista FAQ

Paul Thurrott's Windows Vista FAQ

PC World Vista FAQ

What's New in Windows Vista

What's been Removed in Windows Vista (that was in XP)

Microsoft has numerous web pages with information about Windows Vista.  It is a good starting place to find out what Vista will do for you or your company.  
  Microsoft Windows Vista Home Page

  Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor

  Resources for IT Professionals

  Deploying Windows Vista

  Windows Vista Hardware Guidelines

  Managing Windows Vista

There are several very good web sites on the Internet that provide quite a lot of information about Windows Vista.  
ComputerWorld - Windows Vista A to Z

Paul Thurrott's Windows Vista Activity Center

Windows Vista Team Blog

Windows Vista Product Editions

PC Magazine Windows Vista Coverage